Mad Love from Our Clients

School Superintendent

 “I think we have economically come out way ahead by switching to a professional grant writer. We do not have to pay the salary and we are getting more grants coming in than we previously had. I suspect she knows more about grants than an in house person because she does it for a living and she knows all the different opportunities we might have.” 

Charter School Director

 “One of the great things about Jan’s work is that it has freed us up. It allows my team to work on the things they are good at. She moves in such a way that she’s constantly collecting information, thinking, and building these relationships and connections that make the effort quite easy.” 

Assistant Superintendent

 “We have been able to win now well over a million dollars and that’s been just been in six months time. In the past, we’ve not been able to produce this many grants, nor have we won this much money in this amount of time. It’s really been a great success for the district.” 

VP for Programs and Research

 “In every case working with Grantsformation, we had total cooperation, creative energy, good information from them on what the grant required, and got things done in a timely and organized manner. I think that the process was helpful to us even when we did not receive the grant because it gave us a nice package to explain our program that we could use in other venues.” 

District Grant Team Member

 “Jan’s amazing. She is fun and energetic and hilarious, and she teaches in a style that enables the learner to do instead of just sit. She was so professional and helpful. She answered all of my questions with graciousness and humor. I really have enjoyed working with Jan.” 

Instructional Technology Director

 “Her response back is always immediate. You don’t have the response time when you send an email and then two or three days later you get a response. She’s right there, she answers them quickly, always very positive and giving the best support that she can.”