What We Offer


Grant Writing and Document Preparation

We construct full proposals--"soup to nuts" as they say--including abstract, narrative, budgets, and attachments.  Our projects have ranged from just a few pages to well over 80.  

Nothing scares us.

Funding Opportunity Advice

We will review your existing funding leads and advise you on the highest leverage opportunities for your situation.  We will also talk you OUT of a project we feel is not suited to your organization. No one likes to waste their time or money! 

We do not charge for this service.  Honest opinions are always free.

Document Review

We can review the existing suite of documents you send ahead and/or leave behind with prospective funders.  We'll give you advice on what to include, what to leave out, and how to show off your amazing results.  (Hey, it's not "bragging" if it's TRUE!)

You DO have such documents, right?

Grant Application Review

If you decide to (GASP!) go it alone, we can review your application at one or two distinct points of progress, advise you on what works, and identify what is missing or needed.  Your team can then revise.  

We prefer not to rewrite your narrative efforts.  We either write from scratch, or we review and comment.

Grant Training

Yes, we do custom (or canned) workshops, present energetically at conferences, and speak entertainingly and intelligently whenever we "fit".  Want to bring Grantsformation to you? Click the button below to connect and inquire:  

How We Charge


Flat-fee Only

We do not charge by the hour, and we do not charge a retainer.  We also do not take a percent of your winnings, and our fee is not based on how much money you are requesting.  (We have a complicated, voo-doo-like system for determining that.)

All projects are bid individually at a flat-fee rate.  Once it's quoted, that's what you pay.  

Fee for Service

We do not work on contingency--neither does the electric company (and we like our lights and heat).  We are paid up front, whether or not your grant is funded, and we put all of our efforts into achieving a winning outcome.

Terms of Payment

"Net 30" means payment is due within 30 days of our mutual agreement to begin working. Typically, the full application will be due in this timeframe, and all work will have been completed.  An exception to this is for new charter schools applying for startup funding.  In these cases, we are happy to accept more flexible payment arrangements.

Contracts (If You Insist)

We're "handshake" kind of people, so we don't have a standard contract that we require you to sign before we begin working on your project.  If you have one, we're happy to comply with your process.  We can also give you a scope of work document upon request.  Otherwise, we'll just email you our bid and get to work.

Company Structure

Grantsformation, Inc. is an S Corporation registered in the great state of Texas.  Our EIN is 20-0919523.  You don't have to send us a 1099, but it's okay with us if you do.

Need Some Official-looking Papers?

Boss or board wants more information before they sign off on hiring us?  We've got you covered.  Click the button below to go to our ABOUT US page.  You'll find all the backup you need.  (And if you need something else, just get in touch!)