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We're Steeped in Education

Jan Mitchell Johnson, Grantsformation's President, CEO, and lead writer, holds an M. Ed. in Educational Administration, a Professional Certificate in Strategic Foresight, a B. S. in Elementary Education, and two lifetime Texas teacher certifications, but her Super Power is turning words into money.  

She has over 28 years of experience in public education as a teacher, technology coordinator, grant writer, and school leader.

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She's Kind of a badass

We Have Raving Fans

Grantsformation is now in its 16th year and has many satisfied clients. From traditional and charter public schools to colleges, universities, and nonprofits, we've worked with--and won grants for--people just like you.  

Hire us so you can get back to your REAL job.  We've got this!

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Big money, no whammies

You Should Hire Us

Time is money.  We get you both.  

And that's more than just a slogan.  We mean it.  Why try to figure out the grant world while ALSO doing your main job?  Insanity! 

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After 29 years in Texas, we moved to sunny Florida because who doesn't love living at the beach?  We work remotely, so location (yours OR ours) doesn't matter.  Our reach is national, and everything you need can be done by phone and email. We promise.

Grantsformation, Inc.

MAIL: P O Box 388, Panama City, FL 32402-0388

EMAIL/CELL (Feel free to text!): jan@grantsformation.com832.573.9324

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